About Us

I design and create leggings, apparel and more. With a passion for graphic design and photography and a wide range of interests, I aim to appeal to those who want to stand out from the crowd with something they might not normally find. All items are created using high quality materials, the majority of them being completely crafted here in the USA (with the exception of a few shirts which are printed here but made elsewhere). I create all of the designs myself and then work with trusted manufacturers here in the US to have my items brought to life.

I also believe in giving back and with a love for animals, I thought that's where I'd start. I am proud to partner with Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue (a small rescue with a big heart from my hometown), a volunteer-only non-profit organization with a mission to rescue and rehabilitate special-needs cats. For every item purchased through the *Benefits Rescue*" collection, a donation is given back to Second Chance. My goal is to add more collections in the future that will benefit other animal rescues as well.

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